Coaching Sessions


Life Coaching
Address specific life goals, road blockages, transitions in ones life and examine what is affecting your life right now and seek the changes best for you to move forward. Life Coaching is different from your traditional counseling, mentoring, or therapy session. This session focuses on you and what aligns best for you in your own course of actions to make your life what you want it to be. Find your own answers to obstacles presented in your life, move forward after major life transitions. Life coaching will assist you through this process through empowering you to reflect and move forward.
90 Minutes $150

Transformational Life Coaching 
Are your currently in a place where you desire healing in order to then move forward with becoming the greatest version of yourself?  Are you feeling stuck in your present situation and wish to break free so you may be, do, and have the happy, fulfilling life you are meant for?  As your Transformational Coach, I will use my expertise to help and support you to navigate a path of awareness, change, action, and accomplishment.  We will take a deeper look at the root causes of feeling stuck and determine actions to bring your dreams for your life to fruition!  I will help you create a plan, teach you techniques to help you shift, and provide motivation to help you make the changes you want in life! Coaching is done “in the moment” so every session is directly related to you and what you desire to create.  We discuss where you are in the process of manifesting your desires and will start moving you toward them by using different exercises and techniques to release that which is blocking you; and therefore, enabling you to take action toward fulfilling your goals – physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually!
60 minutes  $76
Six Sessions $450
Twelve Sessions $900


Compassionate Connection Life Coaching
Great for couples!. Bring the energy of compassion into your relationships to improve communication, and strengthen heart connections. This session includes energy work, guided meditation, support of the healing modalities of music, aromatherapy and crystals. Create a loving space to transform broken into vibrant Includes the gift of a heart crystal.
90 Minutes $150


The Art of Balance
Are there things in your life that have been making you unhappy? Do you consume yourself in work that you forget about the most important person in your life, you? This coaching session assists you in examining the things in your life that are no longer serving your highest good and making steps towards improving them.
90 Minutes $150

Retrieval & Renewal Coaching
Transform limiting beliefs, wounds and trauma to release your mind and emotions from inner conflict. Working with guided meditation, art journaling and messages from nature to create a sense of safety, empowerment, ease and freedom.
45 min $75
80 min $110

road with the message of new life

Creating the life you always wanted
Have you always has a business plan that never developed? or an idea that you have a hard time manifesting? or just something simple as making your life better one step at a time? This session uses a creative approach to creating a life you always wanted. By gathering your goals and finding the steps needed to reach those goals anyone can take the step towards manifesting their dreams.
90 Minutes $150

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Re-Ignite Your Passion
Sometimes our lives can feel dull and passionless, we do the same routine everyday and forget why we were passionate about what we were doing to begin with. In this process we become disconnected from our true selves.  Rediscover that initially lit your fire, bring that passion back into your life.  Bring out those little things in your life that sparked joy and passion. Find what your soul has been wanting all this time.
90 Minutes $150