Sacred Arts Sanctuary is a small business collective. As individual practitioners and businesses, we pride ourselves in providing our clients with our full attention when they walk in the door. Our belief is that healing starts with feeling seen and heard, even in small encounters. This company is not a spa or a massage chain and we do not try to be. Our staff are all apart of a Healing Arts Community offered through the Sanctuary that supports love and community. With this environment, you will have a different experience coming through our doors.

We value your time and choosing to spend it with us. Please know that we may be busy with other guests at times and cannot get to our phone right away, or cannot respond to an email inquiry immediately. We have provided an Online Booking Portal for your  convenience and encourage our guests to utilize this portal for their scheduling needs.  This is allows you to find the perfect day and time that works best for you. And for us to spend time with all of our guests when they arrive into our office.


If you are having trouble with scheduling your appointment through our online portal. Here are some common e-mails and phone calls we receive on booking appointments with the answer to those questions:

Q: I cannot get the exact day and time I would like to book.

A: Sometimes we are fully booked up to 2 weeks in advanced. Any time that is currently displayed on the portal is the times that we currently available. Please choose another day or time that may work for you if the date or time you are looking at isn’t available. Some therapists book faster than others, if you are wanting a specific therapist, know that you may have to book further in advanced than the others.

Q: I am trying to book 2 services at the same time and the system is not letting me.

A: If the system isn’t allowing you to book services at the same time, that time slot may be unavailable for two therapists at the time.

Not all therapists offer the same services. Since we are a business collective, not all of our therapists participate in specials and discounts offered through the center. If you are trying to book a discounted service, please be advised that you will most likely need to book your services back to back.

You can contact the office via text message if you are seeking a service that isn’t showing multiple practitioners available. This does not guarantee that you will be able to book same appointment times for multiple parties, so please plan accordingly if back to back service times are needed.

Q: Do you do couples massages?

A: We offer couple massages for the following services:

Relaxation Massage
This light – light medium pressure session is perfect for those seeking to relax and unwind from the day. Your session will be focusing on relaxing the mind and body in a quiet, calm, and nurturing environment.
60 Minutes $80
90 Minutes $120

Neck, Shoulders, & Feet Massage
This custom session is great for focusing on the main problem areas in the body. For this 60-minute session, your therapist will focus 30 minutes on the neck and shoulders, and 30 minutes on the feet.
60 Minutes $80

Therapeutic Massage
Therapeutic Massage will provide a relaxing atmosphere to help assist you with relaxation while applying therapeutic pressure to the muscles to assist with your day to day muscle tension. This session is for those seeking healthy level of medium to deep pressure yet still want a relaxation massage.
60 Minutes $90
90 Minutes $135

Hot Stone Massage
Massaging with hot stones helps provide deep relaxation while providing detoxification throughout the body. This session is particularly beneficial for those who have been out on long hikes in Sedona. The hot stones help soothe aches and pains in addition to stimulating the circulatory system.
75 Minutes $130

Sedona Chaparral Hydration Treatment
A beautiful way to re-hydrate your skin after a long day out in the sun. This session will start you with a relaxing dry brushing technique to gently lift away dead skin cells and provide circulation to the lymphatic system. Your therapist will then apply therapeutic Oil with Chaparral to the body to bring back moisture to the skin. You will then be gently wrapped in thermal sheets to help your skin soak in the moisture, while your neck and shoulders get a little massage to help you relax even further.
90 Minutes $135

Dosha Balancing Wrap
We will use the traditional Ayurvedic approach from India to cleanse and create balance throughout the body. Your session will start with an individual consultation to determine your Dosha, from there we will do a relaxing dry brushing technique to remove dead skin cells and exfoliate the skin. Once the warm Dosha oil is applied to your body you will be gently wrapped, and a warm scalp treatment will be applied.
90 Minutes $140

Couple massages are based on therapist availability and only for the services listed above.

If you are still having trouble booking online, or need assistance with other topics. Please allow 48 business hours for a reply via Email.