Flagstaff Massage Services

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Relaxation Massage- 60 Minutes $76 – 90 Minutes $114
This light – light medium pressure session is perfect for those seeking to relax and unwind from the day. Your session will be focusing on relaxing the mind and body in a quiet, calm, and nurturing environment.

Therapeutic Massage- 60 Minutes $86 – 90 Minutes $124
Therapeutic Massage will provide a relaxing atmosphere to help assist you with relaxation while applying therapeutic pressure to the muscles to assist with your day to day muscle tension. This session is for those seeking healthy level of medium to deep pressure yet still want a relaxation massage.

Sports Massage- 90 Minutes $190
Your session will start off with a consultation with your therapist to discuss your specific needs. The level of intensity will be determined by your licensed professional based on what your specific needs are. Sports Massage incorporates a blend of therapeutic modalities to focus on chronic pain caused by muscle tension and tight fascia. Your session will be specifically blended to release muscle tension, increase range of motion and improve circulation.

Neck, Shoulders, & Feet Massage- 60 Minutes $76
This custom session is great for focusing on the main problem areas in the body. For this 60-minute session, your therapist will focus 30 minutes on the neck and shoulders, and 30 minutes on the feet.

Reflexology 45 Minutes $45 – 60 Minutes $76
Reflexology applies pressure to specific points and areas on the feet, hands, head, and ears. This session helps with reflex points that align with different organs in the body and relieve pressure from the feet, hands, and head. Reflexology will also help you understand any imbalances occurring in the body.

Prenatal Massage- 60 Minutes $76
Prenatal Massage is provided to women from their first trimester on. This session provides special techniques that are safe and nurturing for both the mother and the baby. This session is a traditional prenatal, allowing the mom to be comfortably bolstered throughout the first half of the session, and then provided a sideline massage through the second half of the session. This gentle, light pressure massage helps remove stress off the body to allowing mom to feel relaxed and at ease.

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Chaparral Hydration Treatment- 90 Minutes $135
A beautiful way to re-hydrate your skin after a long day out in the sun. This session will start you with a relaxing dry brushing technique to gently lift away dead skin cells and provide circulation to the lymphatic system. Your therapist will then apply therapeutic Chaparral Oil to the body to bring back moisture to the skin. You will then be gently wrapped in thermal sheets to help your skin soak in the moisture, while your neck and shoulders get a little massage to help you relax even further.

Hot Stone Massage- 75 Minutes $130
Massaging with hot stones helps provide deep relaxation while providing detoxification throughout the body. This session is particularly beneficial for those who have been out on long hikes in Sedona. The hot stones help soothe aches and pains in addition to stimulating the circulatory system.

Shamanic Foot Detox Bath and Reflexology- 60 Minutes $85
This session will start with a gentle and soothing Shamanic Foot Bath to promote grounding, energy clearing and detoxification. A special blend of Epsom Salt, Ginger Tea, and Baking Soda to clear your energy, promote detoxification of the feet and ground you into the present moment. You will then receive a 45-minute foot reflexology session to promote relaxation and grounding further.