Our Practitioners

Kellye Houck- Founder

Holistic Healthcare Practitioner, Licensed Massage Therapist, Energy Worker, Certified Hypnotherapist, Shamanic  Practitioner.


Kellye is a Holistic Practitioner in Sedona, Arizona. Through her own journey in self healing, Kellye dedicated her life to understanding the Mind, Body, and Spirit connection. After healing her own past through Shamanic practices and self hypnosis, she now works on ways to help assist others in their own healing practices.

With a degree in Holistic Health Care, She studied for over 5 years healing arts modalities and massage techniques. Her primary focus in the healing arts is Traditional Chinese Medical Theory, Traditional Chinese Shamanism, Tui Na/Acupressure, Medical Massage, Sports Massage/Myotherapy, and Transpersonal Hypnotherapy. She became a licensed Massage Therapist, Reiki Master and Hypnotherapist from the South West Institute of Healing Arts in Tempe, AZ and graduated in 2010,  she then received her degree in Holistic Healthcare in 2013.

With her passion in understanding the mind, body, spirit connection, Kellye continues her studies at Northern Arizona University, where she is currently majoring in Social Work and Counseling. She also focuses her time on creating a community of practitioners at Sacred Arts Massage and Wellness, works in destination spas and teaches Traditional Chinese Medical Theory and Massage Practices at Arizona School of Integrative Studies.

Kellye’s path is dedicated to empowering and encouraging others to grow into the best version of themselves. She works emphatically from the heart and provides a nurturing, and loving support for all her clients and practitioners. She formed Sacred Arts Massage and Wellness to provide a community of healers working from their heart to serve our community.


Peggy Lindsey

Ordained Universal Life Minister, Life Coach, Energy Worker, & Akashic Records Therapist.

Peggy Lindsey 2

Peggy Lindsey is an intuitive practitioner, grounded in the
principles of energy healing practices as well as the field of Coaching. Her unique
combination of skills allows her to provide services in a knowledgeable and compassionate manner achieving positive results.

After 30 successful years in the corporate world, she chose to follow my passion of
assisting others through coaching, healing, and teaching. Her certifications and training
consist of being a Certified Life Coach through the Quantum Success Coaching Academy specializing in Transformational Coaching and Law of Attraction Coaching. Certified Arcing Light Healing Energy Practitioner, Master Teacher, and appointed Teacher of Teachers. Usui Reiki Master, Akashic Records Therapist, Certified Angel Oracle Reader trained by Doreen Virtue, and an ordained Universal Life Minister. Having made a loving commitment to continue improving her own life’s journey, she includes her own experience when working and helping others. She approaches all situations from a holistic perspective, considering the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects.

My mission is to empower others to honor their true natures and help them to live life
joyfully and consciously! It is an honor to walk along side you on your journey toward
health, happiness, and fulfillment!

She offers Energy work sessions, Life Coaching, Readings and More. Visit Peggy online at www.onangelswingshealing.com


Travis Grimm

Certified Transpersonal Hypnotherapist


Travis is a Certified Transpersonal Hypnotherapist and lifelong mystic. He uses his knowledge and training in clinical hypnosis and transpersonal hypnotherapy, to help people heal emotionally and spiritually and grow into the best versions of themselves. From a young age, Travis’s unique experiences in life opened him up to a different perspective and understanding of life. Realizing that most people have the ability to develop this perspective, but have never fully tapped into their highest potential, he has dedicated his practice to bringing that awareness out in others through his spiritual and hypnotherapy path. Travis continuously works towards developing himself mentally and spiritually, and has specific interests in lucid dreaming and astral projection. He believes anyone has the ability to develop themselves spiritually if they are willing to put their time and energy into the practice.

He believes that at the heart of it all, is the fundamental interconnectedness of everything in life. We are intimately connected to everything else, including the entire Multiverse, All That Is, Source, or God. Through this understanding, he believes anything is possible. To schedule an appointment with Travis, you can call him directly at 928-684-8174.


Holly Miely

 Founder of Anima Flow Movement & Bodywork, Master Instructor, Event Visionary, Author, Licensed Massage and Myofascial Release Therapist

IMG_0789 2Anima In Latin, means mind, soul, spirit. The part of the psyche which is directed inwards, in touch with the subconscious. Persona and anima switch roles and merge in slow smooth ways.  A current if air, wind, breath, the vital principle, life, life force.
Anima Flow Movement & Bodywork, Anima Flow Movement & Bodywork is movement exploration and movement therapy blended with bodywork to enhance and empower clients results in personal evolution and healing. We use movement  and hands on therapy to tap into our physical and emotional blockages. It is also a space to express oneself creatively and emotionally. Anima Flow is also an instructional and performance company for pole dance, aerial yoga, aerial arts, yoga, dance and personal creative expression and bodywork.
As a creative writing major, Holly began using her writing skills as a way to reach her clients on a deeper more personal level. She delved deeply into the psychology and healing aspects of pole and aerial arts and infused her intuitive natural healing power into her classes and privates sessions. In 2019, Holly went to Sedona, Arizona to study with healers of all kind including MFR with John Barnes. She believes in empowering others to heal themselves. She is a guide to teachers and clients. A blogger, a feminine empowerment leader and a nurturing friend to her clients, she continues to develop her skills on a deeper level to help her clients and teacher trainees on their journeys to self discovery.

Holly is a performance artist. Pulling from her emotional core, she incorporates dance and movement to share a story and incite emotion in her audience.

Holly started ballet, dance and acrobatics classes at age 4 and began teaching at her dance studio at age 12. She went on to receive a minor degree in dance from the University of Arizona and has been teaching spinning and other group fitness classes since college. A self taught pole dancer since 2006, Holly was hooked from day one. Holly is a certified master pole dance, aerial yoga and aerial hoop lyra instructor and ambassador to the Pole Fitness Association (PFA). She founded Anima Flow in 2006 in the Aspen valley, Colorado which offers exclusive private and semi-private instruction in pole dance, aerial Yoga, aerial silk, lyra, personal training, strength and flexibility, dance and her signature floor flow class, Anima Flow. In 2014 she launched instructor certification programs for pole dance, aerial yoga, aerial hoop lyra, flexibility, Pilates and suspension fitness.

Holly took her skills in dance and performance a step further in 2008 when she created & founded Atmosphere Entertainment (now Anima Flow Entertainment), a mixed dance, nouveau cirque style performance group, event planning company and talent agency. She is the Founder, event visionary, choreographer, artistic director & lead pole dancer of the group which incorporates acts including, but not limited to: live bands mixed with aerial arts, pole dance, group dance, belly dance, contortion, juggling, acro, trapeze, fire & sword dance. It is edgy, awe inspiring, unique acts put together with themes and costuming and a live band to create an exciting, sexy show.” Anima Flow Entertainment creates custom events from the ground up and entertainment creation creating a custom atmosphere at your event through dance, mixed media and performance art.





Julie Hall

Reiki Master, Energy Worker, Spiritual Guidance Counselor, Rising Dragon Healing Founder.Julie

Julie Hall is a practitioner of energy work, spiritual guidance and spiritual counseling. Although this has been a lifelong path, she started her journey as a practitioner  in 2000. She has been a student, teacher, practitioner and facilitator of the healing arts. She is a certified Kundalini Reiki Master, Karuna Reiki Master, and Traditional Usui Reiki Master/Teacher, Certified Rising Star Healing Practitioner, Medium, and Facilitator of Transformation and an Intuitive Empath. And is a certified Peer Support Specialist helping people through healing crisises. Her passion in life is dedicating herself to helping those in need of spiritual clarity and positive guidance along their journey.

Studying for years energy work and different spiritual practices with various different teachers, she has found the connection to Qi and its connection to all things.  With this knowledge she has been able to open up her abilities to assist others in their connection to Qi and use that work to communicate with animals. Her mission is to spiritually heal, empower and help others become more conscious by embodying a loving energy through connection with source. With this mission she has created her own healing modality Rising Dragon Healing. If you are interested in scheduling an appointment with Julie please call her directly at 928-451-4219.


Reverend John M. Polk

Metaphysical Minister, Reiki Master Teacher, Intuitive


Reverend John M. Polk is an International Metaphysical Minister with a B. A. in
Metaphysics and a Ministry from the University of Sedona. His Ministry is Wolf Spirit
Ministries. John is also a Mikao Usui Reiki Master/Instructor since 2011. The Reverend
worked as a Medium at the Center Of The New Age located in Sedona, AZ in
2018. He currently works as a tour guide in Sedona specializing in UFO Tours along
with Ghost, Vortex, Medicine Wheel and Shamanic Journey Tours. Reverend Polk also
speaks and Emcees at UFO, Metaphysical and Spiritual Conferences around the
country.  John offers Mikao Usui Reiki services, Guided Meditation and Meditation Techniques, Services for Connecting with your Oversoul, Shamanic Journeying and more. For a list of services and information about his teachings and to schedule an appointment, you can call John at 407-924-8857